Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My love for pass-along plants


Years ago I gave my mom this book for Mother’s Day after I had been introduced to it during a discussion with a friend about pass-along plants. I immediately wanted to take up this hobby of collecting plants from friends and family getting bulbs here and there as we traveled to see family in faraway places, what a really neat thing to do {and a great way to save $}. Some of my plants have made it over the years, some are still in the delicate stages. This year my mom’s peony will bloom for the first time, and as the lily of the valley start peeking through the soil, I think about my husband’s grandmother.

lily of the valley

Thank you to all who have graciously passed along plants to me and hopefully when mine begin to multiply, I can dig some of them up and follow in line with you all. What a great metaphor to live by! Hear! hear!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Today I'm Loving ~

pulling at feet

:: comfy bed {let me show you how I can grab my feet} pictures

his freckles

:: His freckles

sunny days

:: sunny Spring days

'tis good to be back, sorry it's been so long . . .