Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Up and Out!

laughing at her daddy

Our family has lots of things to smile about these days! Rosemary is 2 1/2 years old today! She moved into her own room last night for the first time. She loved the thought of her new bed, leaving the one behind in our room for her baby brother that's coming in May.



cute do!

new bedroom

Physical Therapy wearing G-Tube bag

Physical Therapy wearing G-Tube bag

She had many milestones this week, one being her eating. She ate 58 grams of food at the feeding clinic on Tuesday, that's almost 2 ounces of food! Her development is maturing more each week, playing more with her toys, hugging, and now we think she's trying to kiss too! {She isn't quite walking yet, her therapist in these pics are helping her stand and balance.}

New Room, 1/2 birthday, more independence, what a week!