Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Counting down

week of May 7th 2012 023

We're counting down . . . our family has been been so busy with feeding Rosemary, planning and planting a garden, dance classes and rehearsals, soccer practices and tryouts that getting around to sitting down to write and post on my blog continuously got pushed aside to "tomorrow".  Today turned out to be "tomorrow" finally and I'm forcing myself to get back into the habit and being here more often, because there is just too many great things happening that I want to share!

Picture 062

In between all the family happenings, I have fitted a little knitting in here and there.  This diaper cover pattern, "Vanilla" has been sitting in my ravelry favorites for some time now as has this new bootie pattern I wanted to try from Bernat.

week of May 7th 2012 054

week of May 7th 2012 048

And since then, I must say there are 3 other knitting projects still sitting on my needles, the list keeps getting longer.  This sweater which has been a little more challenging for me than I would ever have thought and another attempt at a kicking bag.  The last one didn't get finished and got frogged several years ago.

Picture 142

Picture 164

And that's not all!!  Oh, no no.  There is also some quilts being worked up in my head of mine that will hopefully find their way out and on to my sewing machine . . . soon.

Picture 137

The knitted baby blanket, my favorite, was finished a while ago and I decided to save it for our newest baby and has been patiently waiting with the rest of us until his arrival.  I feel so lucky to have been able to find the exact yarn and colorway "sand" that had been discontinued.  But thanks to ravelry and its yarn search option, I was able to find generous knitters who had some Blue Sky's Alpaca in Sand in their stash!

So much still left to do!