Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ten years apart ~

When inspiration strikes, I run with it!  With a busy household that we have, those moments of inspiration are few and far between during the busy summer months.  A couple weeks back in July, we were packing the older three kids for a week long stay at a camp a few states away.  As I tucked each one into bed the last night before their big trip, I came to Jonmichael's room last.  I sat on his bed and asked if there was anything he would like me to do for him while he was away.  He said "Put Nathaniel in my room".  He has had his own room since I put the girls together, about 7 years ago.  I was pleased with his request, and was looking forward to the task of cleaning out his room, rearranging it and getting a crib out of our bedroom that had been there since before Rosemary was born. 



The Closet:

The room move went really well.  Both boys were so pleased as we all were with the change.