Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween - 2014

As you can see, lots of good memories were made last night at our Halloween Neighborhood Party.  We start out each Halloween getting home from school around 4:15, excitingly donning on all the costumes.  At 5:00 we go outside, take pictures of everyone then leave as a group to walk through our neighborhood to meet up with the rest of the neighborhood for a grand potluck.  Each year is different and the festivities gets bigger each year, as mine (children) also grow so much from year to year.  But age doesn't matter at Halloween.  Young and old alike dress up in the most creative ways.  Everything happens so quickly at the potluck.  With all the excitement, its hard to soak it all up.

When everyone is our clan is full from all the wonderful food brought, we leave the potluck in excitement to go trick or treating.  The night air was perfect, a little chill to the air, enough to awaken the senses of the season's change.  We welcome the season's change, as we get ready for cooler days and cooler nights, shorter days and longer nights. We will spend more time inside, with our family, our routines will change, things seem to slow down yet deepen, oh how I love this time of year.