Wednesday, November 11, 2009

new gadgets

At the hospital, we sometimes have to be a little more creative at stimulating our babies. We’ve had some visits with OT and PT during our recent now 11+ day hospital stay. Together, we decided that Rosemary could benefit from a little mobile stimulation. So we strung a line over her bed between two hanging poles and hung a Stim mobile that was ordered from Live and Learn. We hung it this morning and she has enjoyed staring up at it all day, along with listening to the classical music playing from the local NPR station on our laptop. It does a mama good knowing that her baby is getting some good neurological stimulation even in the hospital!

Stim mobile

She is recovering well from her Nissen and G-tube surgery yesterday. She is being fed today with her G-tube – currently at 10cc/hr and is tolerating it well so far. So things are looking up! pa-dum-pum