Friday, November 6, 2009

we're still here

Hello all . . . we're still at the hospital taking care of Rosemary. She is doing much much better. No apnea episodes in over 24 hours! That makes me so happy!!! When we're in the middle of a clump of these episodes it sometimes feels like they will never stop. They seem to stop however when she reaches certain levels of seizure meds, so we're thinking they are seizure caused or related as well as enhanced possibly by her reflux. We still don't know for sure. She will be undergoing a Nissan surgery next week for her reflux which will eliminate one of the variables from these spells. We're hoping she will never have another "blue" spell ever again!

snuggled down

She has been sleeping a lot today and hopefully won't keep us up all night. Good-night all and have a safe weekend!!

before bath