Monday, August 30, 2010

my mind is on autumn

knitting apple

stuffing apple

So much has happened in the last year, but I had not forgotten about these fruit that Nicole was working on a year ago that she shared on her blog. Seeing that I’m all out of knitting projects at the moment and ‘tis the season for me to finish up some sewing projects that have been lying around, I really am resisting the urge to go yarn shopping these days. But when the knitting urge strikes . . . well, there’s not much to do, but find something, some-thing to knit. I recently chatted with Nicole and she pointed me here to get her patterns for these sweet sweet knitted fruit and basket that was featured in the 2010 Winter issue of one of my favorite craft magazines – Living Crafts. Yesterday, as I cast on and worked the first couple of rows, honestly, I wasn’t seeing how I could possible knit these tiny stitches, but I stuck with it and 20 minutes later, had this cute apple. What a fun little and satisfying knitting project to get me in the mood for the upcoming season, as I am so ready for Autumn this year!! And making more of these of course!

knitted apple