Wednesday, October 20, 2010

apple picking ::

Rosemary at orchard

Last weekend, we ventured to our local apple orchard for our annual Elliott family apple gathering adventure. It was a different year for us. We decided to pick Golden Delicious first, and quickly realized that the only way to take any of these home was to pick very selectively the good ones . . . from the ground! The trees were empty!

the hunters and gatherers

apple picker

We walked to another section of the orchard, there were apples, but way up high. So we were given a nice long branch from another family and knocked down apples from the trees, catching them as they rolled down the hill into a lower row. Then we inherited an apple picker - nice long pole with prongs and a bag at the end. In all the years we've gone apple picking at this orchard, we have never had to use an apple picker. But slowly but surely we filled up our basket a couple of times before we trekked off to buy apple donuts, one of the many highlights of our trip to the orchard that we look forward to each year.

apple basket

Going apple picking has been our family tradition since Jonmichael was a baby. I still remember taking him to the orchard just weeks old in my sling, as I did Lena too since they were both late September babies. This was Rosemary’s first apple picking trip, so for me it's like looking through a baby book full of memories of trips past and how much the kids have grown since having our first in 2001.

Elise with apple

Rosemary at orchard

We'll be back next year for sure - looking forward to more surprises and another great year to look back on!

Lena taste testing

running through the orchard