Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Birthday Rhythm

Rosemary's birthday crown

I was inspired after writing last week’s post to share our Birthday Rhythm with you all today. It has developed over the past several years into something that each child remembers and looks forward to on their birthday morning. In fact, last week on the morning of Rosemary’s birthday, Elise who is 5, walked into the kitchen for breakfast immediately asking if I had decorated for Rosemary’s birthday the night before. Then each came down one by one peering into the dining/art room as I heard several “wow’s” pronounced from them. That makes a mama feel proud, and was very helpful in healing some of those emotions I had been going through all week before her birthday.

When they were younger, I would go out to the party store, buy a bunch of plates, cups, and napkins in whatever character they were in to at the time, with also matching crepe paper to stream up all over the dining room ceiling in whatever configuration I could come up with. As I began to sew more, this evolved into making two cloth banners, one with pink tones and one with blue. So the night before the birthday, the appropriate banner is hung.

pink birthday banner

Next comes out the birthday ring, which inevitably becomes a mad dash early in the week to either order the correct number for the child's ring that year or another brass ring is needed. These are usually ordered from either Nova Natural or The Wooden Wagon when needed.

table set for birthday

Lena's 6th birthday - 2009

turning 7

Jonmichael's 7th birthday - 2008

birthday table - Elise's 3rd birthday

Elise's 3rd birthday - 2008

In the past several years my sewing has evolved to more knitting, and I usually do my best to have something handmade for the child’s birthday. They haven’t always been the most treasured gift, but as they have gotten older, they do take extra time to appreciate the handmades and thank their mama appropriately!

hand knitted sweater

sweater for Lena

Lena's 7th birthday - 2010

wearing her sweather

Lena's handmade apron

Lena's 5th birthday - 2008

rolled brim hat and legwarmers

Elise's 3rd birthday - 2008

handmade gifts

Rosemary's 1st birthday - 2010

I always try to put something on the table that is special for that child. Either something that was made for them in the past that represents them as I have here on Rosemary’s birthday table this year – her one year old book and minky/taggie that I made last year that I chose to hold her cards in – I also collect their cards as they come in the mail that week for their birthday which are opened the same time as the presents. Birthday crowns are also brought out and special pictures.

Rosemary is 2!

last years gift holds this years cards

special pictures on table

We also have done a special presentation at the birthdays which requires a little bit of time writing down special milestones of the year. A lit candle, representing the Sun, is placed in the center of a circle laid out with string. The child walks slowly around the string circle holding a globe, which represents them living on Earth, one “year” at a time as I read the description from notes I’ve written on cards of things they did each year. At the end of their “journey” up to that year, the child blows out the candle in the center of the circle. They love this birthday ceremony!

Lena's birthday party

Lena's 5th birthday - 2008

our birthday rhythm - Lena's 4th birthday - 2007

Lena's 4th birthday - 2007

There will surely be more birthday celebrations to share as we have two more birthdays to celebrate this month!