Thursday, November 10, 2011

a Rosemary update

Flight to Dallas

On Monday, we flew with Rosemary back to Dallas for her Chiari Decompression surgery that was scheduled for Wednesday morning. This surgery had been on the calendar since our last June Dallas visit. She did great on the flight, enjoyed it even.

After a long day of appointments on Tuesday, we headed out to the hospital on an unusually cold Texas morning before 6am. Rosemary was less than thrilled to be up that early.

before surgery - early morning!
The incision for this surgery was perpendicular to the back of her neck, so there won't be any of the usual facial swelling she has had with her previous surgeries. That is so nice! What a relief to be able to see her eyes after a long afternoon nap after waking up off the meds.

night of surgery

This morning there is talk of taking her out of the PICU (which is also new to us, we've always stayed in the PICU and driven straight to the airport on previous trips) and taking her to the floor this afternoon where they will be more parental hands on involvement with her care until we leave.

The doctors are really pleased with how everything looks since the surgery and so are we. No more surgeries for "years" now, did you catch that, "years!" One big "YEAH" from me!