Friday, August 22, 2008

children's play

Doll Play, originally uploaded by homebirthmama.

If I could go back and choose any major in college I wanted to, it would be "children's play". There is no such a thing, but its so fascinating to me right now what goes on with their play no matter where we are. Just this week we discovered acorns that had fallen on our walking path (fall is quickly approaching), spent time in the loose dirt by the picnic tables where we eat by the river occasionally. Everywhere play is in full bloom, and I just love sitting back and watching, taking note how quickly they get lost in their moment of play.

This morning I was gathering up all the ba-ba's, and blankets that got left on our bed during the night/morning wake up routine and there this doll was lying on the floor next to the girl's dresser, nothing on but this handy sock for a cap, it made me chuckle, that at some moment one of them thought that their sock would make a nice cap for their doll!