Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yellow Gnomes

Yellow Gnomes, originally uploaded by homebirthmama.

Oh I love these gnomes, all 77 of them, yes I counted them!!! I have been inspired for months now to find these. As luck would have it, something I have wanted so badly was discontinued before I even knew it existed!! The chase was on and these friendly 77 folk have now found their home. I have to give a shout out to Majajane on Etsy for being soooo generous in giving me this sought after piece of material. This is something I wrote the day this transaction took place and want to share it with you:
"I have found the handmade community to be so very kind. I have been looking for whatever I can get of Heather Ross’ Yellow Gnome fabric for quite awhile now since it has long been discontinued. I found the sweetest lady, Majajane, on Etsy who gave me her last little bit of this yellow sweet goodness. People like her are what makes being in this community of sewers/knitters/crafters so special. We are willing to help each other unselfishly, rooting one another on toward success, however each one of us defines it. Thank you MJ, for your generosity!! You’re truly a blessing and you made my day!! " - Leslie