Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sharing a love for the handmade ~

Four months ago, I was introduced to Etsy. Little did I know how quickly I would get attached to the many things it offers. I found my values to be the same as many of the buyers and sellers on Etsy, the love for the handmade. The handmade movement has made a great impact in my life over these last four months. It has changed the way I gift for my children and to others as well. It has shown me that something handmade, whether by me or someone else, is something to be valued so much more than something store bought.

There may be some of you who have never heard of Etsy. Please allow me to introduce you to this wonderful site through my own contribution. I’ve now opened an Etsy shop under Sew Inspiring, the link appears at the top of the right hand sidebar. My smock pattern is now available and other handmade items will readily appear in my shop as I make them. This has been a wonderful gift that has come into my life and I am so excited to share it with you too.

Welcome and thank you for supporting the handmade movement!!


tina c. said...

congrats on getting your product onto etsy . . . how exciting! today while we were out and about, my little one was wearing the booties you knitted for her and i had 4 people admire them & comment on how sweet/cute/precious . . . they were. your handmade gift is very special to me & my daughter!