Friday, January 16, 2009

a little pillow fit for a 4 year old ~

Since the holidays, getting motivated {to do anything} has been a struggle for me. With a friend’s birthday coming up {turning 4}, I decided to look in my stash for inspiration for a handmade gift.

Growing up, store bought toys came and went. I have a few of my favorites around, {I should show them someday}, but I held on to all of my handmade gifts given by family and friends while growing up. Amazingly, even as a child, we understand on a certain level, the love and thought put into a handmade gift. We don’t always think of the giver of most of our store bought gifts, sometimes we do, but for me, with a handmade gift, I can always tell you who made it and a close proximity of my age when I received it.

With my recent project using linen, I thought that might be a good start to see what I have left of it, and with the birthday honoree turning 4, what better way to capture that than in a small 4 square pillow made especially for her.

birthday pillow - front

Everything in the pillow was added with intention; intention of her interests, her age, and color.

birthday pillow - details

birthday pillow

birthday pillow - back

May she have a fabulous time celebrating 4 . . . and may this gift today and days to come continue to show her how much she is loved.


Tammie said...

i read fairly regularly bit have never commented but i want to tell you how adorable this is. great job.

it really is too cute.

Suzanne said...

That pillow is just darling. My, could I have you give my daughter gifts like that for her birthday...LOL! I just love handmade treasures like that. She is a lucky little girl.

tina c. said...

i really like the combination of fabrics and elements you chose--the coordinating fabric on the back ties it together nicely--great job--i'm sure she'll treasure it!

tina c. said...

where do you find your vintage style fabrics--do you get them on-line? or do you find them locally??

Kate said...

I love this! What a wonderful, wonderful gift-- one she'll still have at 44, no doubt. Great fabrics-- I am not so craft-oriented, but learning, and my boys are sewing their sister a wool felt doll for her first birthday. Handmade always means so much more!

beck said...

I just came across your blog and love your pillow/cushion! I would like to try to make something similar for one of mine. Will pop in again. x (Beck from Ausralia)

Leslie said...

tina c. - I purchase most of my fabrics online -, for the Heather Ross bicycle fabric. The red fabric on the back was bought locally at a quilt shop. I also buy from for Japanese fabrics.