Sunday, October 11, 2009

curve balls

This little girl is all about making her mama and daddy make tough decisions. We were given the green light to go home today, then she threw us a curve ball - started vomitting after her mid-day feeding. She has never as much spit up before, so we kept a close eye on her every move this afternoon and decided we should probably stick around the PICU one more night, hoping it was just an air bubble from being bottle fed. She is normally breastfed, but has had trouble latching on since the surgery. Yes, we'll be going straight to the our Lactation Consultant as soon as we get home to hopefully get that problem solved. I am grateful that she is eating nonetheless.

Yesterday was the peak swelling day. Today she looks completely different, eyes open, more alert, A-line was taken out . . . and she told me she'll be ready to go home tomorrow!!!!!

Rosemary - Saturday

time in a bouncy seat - Saturday

Sunday, swelling down

Sunday - with Daddy