Thursday, October 29, 2009

a new bonnet ~

I knew it would happen eventually . . . and who’s fault was it . . . mine! Rosemary’s feeding tube got caught between my leg and the side of the bed as I laid her down to change her diaper this morning. How stupid I felt!! After many phonecalls made and scheduled were changed, we got an afternoon appointment to take her to the hospital Radiology department as an outpatient to have the tube checked via x-ray.

In the meantime we had some time for a photoshoot of her newest hat and my latest knitting project {that I worked on the last three days of our hospital stay after things calmed down a bit.}

Aviator bonnet

Aviator bonnet side view

Aviator bonnet

Aviator bonnet

This pattern is Aviatrix by Just Jussi. I used Rowan Classic Yarns Extra Fine Merino DK. This was such a fun pattern, and quick! I'll be making more of these for sure - only used 1/2 skein.

{X-ray showed that the tube placement was still in the Small Intestine. Apparently I just pulled out the "slack" that was hanging out in the stomach area.} shew!