Wednesday, July 7, 2010

at the beach

We spent the last 5 days at the beach which was problably one of the most monumental events that I've experienced in a long time. See, nine months ago I couldn't foresee going anywhere for a very long time, especially taking Rosemary somewhere like the beach because she has a lot of medical issues. But, the doctor ordered it (literally), saying we MUST GO! and so we did!!!

Rosemary's first trip to the beach

beach shells

layers of shells


setting up camp

rocks and shells

taking a rest

It was the first family trip we've taken with all 4 children 5+ hours away, we were crammed into our minivan, really, really crammed. In fact, we had to leave several items behind at the last minute just to fit everybody, like my laptop and Nikon camera - sacrifices, sacrifices. But as we left home on Saturday to make our journey, I was filled with so much joy, it really didn't matter.

4th of July Wilmington

Ferry ride

What really mattered, was that we were all together, still taking our yearly family trip and making it work, even with its challenges.