Friday, July 16, 2010

how fingerpaint saved my day


It was one of those days when the bickering would not stop. I would have one quiet moment, get started on something, take a breath, and then it would errupt again. Then one of the girls suggested they fingerpaint. On went the smocks, paper on the paint boards, water in the basin, and the energy of both girls transformed instantly.

washing up

Creativity is such an amazing dimension in our lives. For myself, it can calm me down with just a few stitches on my needles. It is such a joy to observe others around me find themselves using creativity - there are so many vast forms of it. Whether it be deciding to can pickles using fresh cucumbers from a new garden, picking blackberries to make jam at 10:30 at night, learning a new instrument, learning to sew or knit, picking out new paint colors for the walls - the breadth of new insight and the calmness we reap by invoking our imagination is so fascinating to me. We live in an incredible world and have been blessed with incredible minds.


May your paths of discovery today be fueled by new creativity!