Thursday, December 16, 2010

Elise is 5 ::

Elise is 5 :: birthday crown

This week Elise turned 5. It was a birthday that we have been waiting months, and months, and months for. Hearing about birthdays since September, December is a long wait for young people. But it came and she really enjoyed her day.

Elise is 5 :: gifts and birthday ring

Her big gift from me this year was this robe. I had cut out the patten for this last year in December but had to put it away since things got a little testy before Christmas with lots of Emergency Room visits. This year I was in the right place to get it back out in order to finish it for her birthday and before Elise would outgrow it. {Advice – buy patterns big so if it takes a few years to make it, it may still fit!} It’s been a fantastic and fun pattern to make, a little challenging at times – learning to use bias tape for its intended purpose of hemming sleeves, wow! You never know when you make something for a child - like a robe - if they will really love and appreciate it, but she did!! And I was so happy that she did. She really is a special little girl. Happy Birthday Elise!

Elise is 5 :: gifted robe