Thursday, December 23, 2010


I had so much fun sharing this sneak peek two years ago, I wanted to do the same today. So here goes!

Shhhh! :: sneak peek

I’ll share more when I can . . . the workshop is still going strong!

Side note::

I’m so encouraged that so many families are chosing to make gifts for their children at Christmas. Just today, I met a lady at Michael’s who was buying a lot of random scrapbook paper. Whenever I can, I like to ask the person what they are making when I see someone buying supplies. She shared that she was using the paper as wallpaper for the dollhouse she is building for her girls. I was so proud of her and didn’t even know her! That’s the spirit. I love the creativity that comes out sometimes with necessity. I know for me, when I’m not able to purchase something already made, the creative juices seem to flow even better. I feel like I need to start planning for next year, because it seems like I always run out of time . . .

So if you feel inclined, please share what you are making this year in your gift giving. I know we would all be inspired!

Merry Christmas. I’ll be back after the merriment!