Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer is :: 6

Summer is ::  growing corn in backyard

Summer is :: growing corn right in our backyard

On the end of our garden that gets the most sun, we planted 2 rows of corn - organic silver queen. We watched as they came up, careful to replant any seeds that didn't germinate, fascinated by how big the stalks grew while we were away in Dallas earlier this summer, thankful for how well our corn has grown in our ground, in our very first garden, new to all of this but very excited about what we're learning. Tonight we picked our first couple of mature corns and we were delighted at what we found inside, beautiful white plump kernels. We are already talking of expanding our garden for this fall and next year and excited at what is to come! Feeding our family has become my passion, we are starting out small, but hopeful our return will be big in years to come!