Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We're back

We're back, we've been back actually for almost two weeks, and I've been too busy to fill you all in on everything. We got released from the Dallas hospital Friday, July 1st, drove straight to the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport and waited over two hours for our plane to arrive that was late and thus changed the course of the rest of our trip. But we made it home, finally around 7:00pm that evening.

These pics were from the last couple of days we spent in the PICU when she still had a lot of swelling around her eyes.

post op - still swollen

post op - still swollen

post op - still swollen

It was amazing seeing her "look" transform right in front of our eyes a little each day. She still has a little swelling around her head, but she really looks great. More importantly, as much as we hated the fact that she got prescribed a trach, it really has been the best thing for her. She breathes so much better at night. Her daytime activity has really picked up and her development will be accellerating rapidly.

home at last

Yep, it does feel good to be at home doesn't it, Rosie!?