Friday, March 13, 2009

Warm weather ~

This is starting to become a weekly blog, not that I want it to be that way at all!! Please bare with me, I have a feeling that once warm weather decides to stay, I'll get back to posting daily or at least 3-4 days a week. So please accept my appologies!!!

one little tete a tete

Early on this week, I had the pleasure of walking around on a warm afternoon and my eye caught a wee bit of color against the brown dull scenery in my back yard. I stooped down and to my surprise I had one tete a tete bulb (miniature daffodil) peeping up from the ground that made it since last fall when I planted it from a store bought forced pot of tete a tetes. It brought such a smile to my face that I vowed to plant many many more this fall to start a children's garden. {Elise wanting to pick my one little flower before I got my picture was what inspired that thought! I was lucky I got the shot!}

digging up worms

Jonmichael and Elise spent one morning digging up earthworms in the backyard followed by an outing to the river where the boys went fishing and us girls tagged along later for lunch by the water.

lunch out by the river

I'm looking forward to when days like this are the norm . . .