Monday, March 2, 2009

It took until March, but we got our snow!

scraping driveway

I have been spending the winter reading my favorite blogs, seeing all the snow and more snow happening in different parts of the US. Finally I get to share our little snow adventure that came upon up late Sunday afternoon and into the night!! We haven’t seen snow like this in about a decade – surely our children have never experienced snow like this. What wonderful fun we had today in our new outside world.

shoveling snow

Lena - snow angel

8 inches of snow

team effort

Lena making snowball


Suzanne said...

WE got 12 inches here but we're a bit tired of it now...LOL!

beck said...

Wow, look at that snow! Two of my girls are watching over my shoulder and are fascinated by your kids in the snow - amazing. Stay warm, x