Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A shawl for a midwife ~

shawl for my midwife

For eight years I have been searching for something to make {by hand} for my midwife. When I saw the pattern and yarn for this shawl, I knew this was the perfect project.

It was just what I needed to sit quietly, I call it my "mindful" knitting project. I never worked on this while watching TV or riding in the car. I knit this at times when I could be alone and think about my midwife, the baby, hopes for the birth, to get centered on the near future and the love she has given me, and my family. She is a very dear soul, and I’m so blessed and grateful that she has been with me at each of my births, so blessed indeed.

washing the shawl in Lavendar Eucalin

Can I just say, that next to Koigu, Noro is my next favorite yarn. It made this knitting project so much fun, to see what visually was coming next. This yarn is self striping and the shawl pattern just walked me through how to get these great results! The colors are so magnificent and cheery, I thought this skein really shouted “fall” colors and since our baby will be here this fall, I thought, how appropriate!!

lovely colors