Friday, August 7, 2009

This week I'm loving ::

new birthing supplies

Shopping for birth supplies ::

This time of year, you mostly hear talk of buying back to school supplies, but for our family, one of our evenings out this week was spent gathering a long list of birth supplies. It seemed oh so familiar and I enjoyed every minute of it!

I so love that there are some unusual items on the list like 3-4 oz ground cloves, box of sea salt, garden hose, bendable straws . . . that aren’t so . . . well personal. It makes the shopping trip fun and creative, and I was so grateful it was all led by my husband who is making sure our nest is built in plenty of time for this baby’s arrival. I have a long list of to-do’s but this much needed outing allowed us to check one more to-do off the list . . .

mini-cable baby knitting

mini-cable baby knitting

Mini-cable knitting ::

new book **!!

A new personally autographed book ::

Oh how I've waited for months for this to arrive!! And to my surprise it arrived on Saturday before the publishing date. I have been pouring over the pages ever since. It's full of so many ideas on repurposing, I hardly know where to begin . . .