Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th Beach Trip

We had a great road trip to the beach for the 4th. The family enjoyed lots of sun, playing in the ocean, eating, ferry rides, shopping. What makes a great trip even better, good food and a fun knitting project - oh and some great CraftSanity podcasts to catch up on!!! I listened to Amanda Soule's and Meg McElwee's latest interview with the CraftSanity's Jennifer Ackerman Haywood. I uploaded the podcasts on my Zune just in time for departure. Being a beginning knitter, I pretty much have to just "dive" in to new projects. This project I chose out of Claire Montgomerie's Easy Baby Knits for the Cardigan I'm making for Elise for her to wear this Fall. I've run into a little bit of trouble around the neck and will have to visit my local knitting shop on Saturday to help me take out and and redo the last two rows. Most of these stitches (except for 19 that have been left on a stitch holder) have been cast off, so I didn't want to tackle that without someone more experienced helping with that!! SCARY!


Deborah said...

oh yes, I understand you perfectly! Being a beginning knitter too, I also am somehow reluctant starting something new- and have to give me the necessairy push just to START. But troubles in the midst or even at the end of the project are not rare... That's why I always knit with a strange feeling of stress the first time, I try a pattern. It's so... unsafe untill it's finshed. And when I have a good result in my hands, I look around for the next one to proove myself, that I really "can make" it.