Friday, July 11, 2008

Little projects here and there

I can get inspired about as quickly and easily as I get distracted. With my knitting project on hold 'til Saturday, I have managed to work 10 rows of the melon (but I'm going to call mine a butternut squash) and I have finished hand sewing the binding of a doll quilt out of my fabulous Heather Bailey stash that's quickly vanishing away. I think I will plan on making a larger quilt based on the same design and using multiple "squares" to make it larger. It's so soft!! I know Elise will love it.


DarkHeart said...

The blanket is absolutely beautiful! I am curious as to how long it took you to make?

Leslie said...

You are so sweet! I finished the doll quilt is about three days. Handsewing the binding took the most time. I love this fabric, it sews amazingly. The quilt measures 21x23 finished.