Wednesday, November 12, 2008

in my home ~

in my home

This is one of my favorite pieces in my home. It's my Grandmother's sewing machine. It's a little beat up, the veneer is peeling a bit here and there, but it has always been precious to me. I have fond memories of us sewing doll pillows using this machine, and it still works. A few weeks ago, I happened to lay this gratitude wrap down on the side of it as I was tidying up the house. I came to notice day after day as it laid there that I had really come to love this little piece that I had made and was happy to have found it a home where others could enjoy it as well.

gratitude wrap

I made this gratitude wrap late in the summer after Amanda Soule so graciously introduced them on her blog, sold some in her shop, and then gifted her readers with the pdf file of her pattern. I had this canvas cotton fabric in my stash that I had bought from Superbuzzy in one of my “gathering” seasons back in the summer and this has been the prettiest accessory in my family room. Each time I walk by, I just smile, I love it. The birds are so cheerful and I love how the green compliments the dark wood on my Grandmother’s antique sewing machine.

gratitude wrap

{I also used Japanese organic cotton bias tape in ivory from Superbuzzy}


Jody Blue said...

I love the old sewing machine. For tips to stop the veneer from peeling any further contact me, my husband was schooled in antique restoration.

amy j said...

I love your fabric choices for the gratitude wrap. Meant to make one myself, but never got around to it!

Christy said...

oh , this is super cute!

linnea said...

Oh my! It turned out soooo well! I made one, and it wasn't quite as neat... still pretty, but a little messy! Have a great weekend!