Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a moment or two knitting

Today has been a high energy day for me. Its been go, go, go all day . . . and the bazaar thing is I'm not even tired as I stand here at my computer at 4pm writing this. I had plenty of spare moments to knit. I was able to finish a hat {this is the third hat that I've knitted Lena} and thankfully this one will fit.

finishing up a hat

The first two didn't fit and will be given to Elise {who is almost three}. So now with two small projects out of the way {the wallet and this hat} . . . now maybe I'll start to focus more on the hand quilting due on my autumn quilt. But wait, didn't I hear Jonmichael say this morning that he wanted momma to knit him some gloves {not mittens} . . . oh well maybe just one more small project I can squeeze in between some hand quilting.


Beth said...

HehE, I always stumble across the 'just a pir of mittnes' projects that distract my from the bigger craft I should be doing!

Maria Rose said...

Don't you just looove busy days like that? Such a feeling of accomplishment.