Sunday, November 9, 2008

sizing issues ~

Have you ever tried things on your kids while they were sleeping? Well I have, twice this week actually. First it was slippers ordered from this company. I had to see if what I ordered fit them . . . which they turned out to be fine . . . and next I had to try this hat on Lena while she was asleep to see if it was big enough {since it will be a surprise for the first day of winter, a new family tradition this year}. The outcome . . . well . . . the hat is a little small for her. Then I tried it on Elise, I fit . . .

rolled brim hat

Then I cast on this hat for Lena on Saturday, a larger pattern I found recently, completed different style. {I'll give more details when the hat is finished}

hat for Lena

fall quilt

Here is my autumn quilt, still at the quilting stage. I'm having trouble deciding whether to hand-quilt it or use my machine to quilt it. My preference would be to use a free-motion quilting technique, but I can't get the bobbin tight enough on the back side. Hopefully this week I can get all these issues resolved and come out with several projects completed!