Friday, June 5, 2009

Better Spaces ~



Recently, the playroom and dining room got a slight face lift. A much streamline look that is more functional and easier to keep clean. The “wow” response that I got from each child as they discovered their new space was all the reassurance that I needed that the job was well done.

playstand in playroom

The dining room was rearranged to accomodate my new sewing supply corner. My thought was that if all my machines and supplies were kept in a corner neatly, the table could still be used . . . as an eating table and a sewing table when needed.

sewing corner

looking into playroom from dining room

Now . . . if I could just get every room in the house to look this good at one time, I would have defeated the seemingly impossible!!!


Grace said...

Nice and neat. I wrote about cleaning on my blog this week too. Must be in the air.

Where did you get the wooden kids mixer? At first I thought it was a sewing machine but then saw the bowl underneath. That would be a hit in our house.

Leslie said...

Grace - the wooden mixer is from Pottery Barn Kids.

Amber said...

It looks lovely! So open and bright and not cluttered, a very warm and inviting place to be.