Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In an afternoon ~

working on math problems

tissue paper collage


In an afternoon, things can get still and quiet. All three kids sitting in different rooms of the house, creating something within their age/skill level. One may be working on math problems, another cutting shapes out of tissue paper to make a collage, and the youngest using as much tape as she would like to make maps or pictures. But it’s quiet, and I love it. I love how it feels and sounds knowing they are busy in their minds creating something without interrupting one another and working as long as their attention span allows, which sometimes is longer than I would expect. This doesn't happen every afternoon, but its a joy when it does . . .


Grace said...

My 6 yr old just came up with after lunch reading time and it is GREAT. For about 45 minute or an hour we all pick a chair in the living room and read our books. 3 yr old looks through books. I get to read in the middle of the day with very few interuptions.

Enjoy your summer afternoons.

Leslie said...

Grace - That does sound wonderful and so relaxing!!!