Thursday, June 4, 2009

wash day ~

wash day - preparing

washing crochet doilies

Yesterday we had wash day ~ finding a stack of hand crocheted doilies passed down from my grandmother and great-aunt in need of washing, we decided it was a good and sunny day to do a little hand washing outside.

hanging doilies

Not only a good gardener, Elise is also a fantastic washer and really loves to help out in any way . . . making toast or waffles for breakfast . . . helping with putting clothes in the washer and dryer . . . how lucky could I be right?


Lucky enough to look over at my bedside and see something reminding us of our morning, working together, and also thinking about the hands who worked this beautiful piece of cotton that years later we are still enjoying taking care of and using.


Deborah said...

ay with your little daughter; makes me smile to see her working at your side. You seam to have a beautiul connection.

Deborah said...

ups. the firs words of my comment got lost...
Ok. Again:

I love this post! Washing day with your little daughter...