Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father’s Day Crafting ~


Father's Day crafting

We’ve been busying drawing and I’ve been busy embroidering and sewing . . . this Father’s Day we created these bookmarks as gifts. Using Amanda’s tutorial from Mothering, I thought it was such a clever idea to use this for gifts this Father’s Day for all those readers in our family. You can find the tutorial here on Amanda’s new website for her new book coming out in August. You will definitely want to create some of these for yourself and family members!! They are truly treasures!

What I truly love about her project and sounds like the whole approach to her new book is to use what you already have – not to feel compelled to go out and buy the latest fabric, but to truly reuse, repurpose, recycle from something you already have. I have found in my last several projects that cutting up curtains, old linen pants has been quite satisfying knowing that I’m being thrifty, creative, and re-inventive all the same time!!


Speaking of those fabulous size 12 linen pants I've been sewing from since this bag, this doll, this pillow, these few pieces of linen on the fronts of these bookmarks, 'marks' the end of those few scraps I had left over from the "pants." Thrifty! Yes in deedy!!


gardenmama said...

Excellent thriftyness mama! : )
I love the way the bookmarks turned out, fabulous gift!!
Come check out my giveaway : )