Wednesday, June 3, 2009

new clothes ~

vintage pattern

Early yesterday morning I was able to put the finishing touches on these dresses (sewing up button holes) and decided both girls should wear their newly made dresses for the day. Elise’s dress is sewn from a vintage McCall’s pattern 7938 (size 4).

Lena's dress

For Lena’s, I used the bodice from this same pattern as a guide – but with a tutorial in mind from Jennifer’s blog on making a dress. (please check it out!) It was a refreshing mix, and I love how her’s turned out. I couldn't leave Jonmichael out now could I??

vintage iron-ons

For Jonmichael, I didn’t actually do any sewing – but ironing . . . I decided it was time to play around with a few vintage “star trek” iron-on transfers from the early 80’s – still with my husband’s sweet name and address on the envelope, he must have been just about the same age that Jonmichael is now, receiving such a fun treat in the mail from General Mills! Luckily for us, they weren’t used and we get to share in something with our son from our childhood – memories of these iron on’s half peeling off from wash and wear . . . I know it will happen. I did truly love my Wonder Woman iron – on shirt I got (professionally ironed on) at the beach one summer . . . how cool that would be if that was still around . . .!

new shirt

Lena's dress

picking flowers


tina c. said...

seeing these adorable pics makes me want to sew for my little one (I especially love the vintage looking floral yoke on Lena's dress). . . sewing has just never been my strong suit . . . but who knows, maybe I'll give it another shot. I did get inspired by your bread making blog and again attempt making bread--and for the first time ever had success! I want to try it again just to make sure that it turning out right wasn't a fluke--but it was good and was gobbled up quickly by my brood.