Monday, July 13, 2009

Seeking momentum

For weeks now I’ve been a bit disappointed with how little I’m getting accomplished in the sewing area. Somehow this summer has not been as easy as last to get projects started and finished. I’ve got so many ideas swimming around in my head, but they just aren’t getting outputted.

at the craft table

In this one square foot of space in this photo, I see at least 3 projects going on. So I thought, maybe if I go back to my first Spring project that never got finished and finish it, my momentum would gain. So . . . I made myself finish this bag in one afternoon.

Buttercup Bag

Back in the early Spring, when I first read this pattern, I knew this fabric Feeding the Birds from Cicado Studio would be perfect! So, the pattern pieces were cut for this Buttercup Bag but sat on my table for months . . . what was I waiting on? One afternoon last week, I was determined to finish it step-by-step in order to get past this staleness in my sewing. I think part of my problem was having too many things started and getting overwhelmed. Hopefully this will put an end to that and my sewing machine and I can start a renewed relationship and begin accomplishing more and more.