Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sewing by the book

Vintage Jumpsuit

The trend these days is NOT sewing by the book, come up with your own way to make it work (and I dare say I like this school of thought), but this time, with this pattern, I decided to really focus of doing just what it said. Being a vintage pattern, yes there were some different techniques I have not used before, but I learned some new techniques, used new notions and it took a little longer (because I wanted to be sure I did just what it said), but nonetheless, it is finished (hey, hey that momentum is building!) and I love how it came out – or I should say Lena loved how it came out.

This pattern is from 1970 Simplicity Jiffy 8769. Lena is a tall 5 ½ year old and I cut out a size 7 pattern and it fits her great. This style is a little shorter than what I’m used to her wearing, but because I chose a larger size, I think it turned out perfect!

every girl loves pockets

{and how do I know when the photo shoot has gone too far for her . . . clip clop go the feet, funny faces and head moves!!!}

clip clop go the feet

clip clop go the feet

there goes the head

being silly