Thursday, July 30, 2009

Works in progress ~ {as dinner is simmering on the stove}

works in progress

In our family, we each have our creative outlets. For me, I typically have yarn going on the needles and a sewing project in the works lying somewhere on my cluttered craft table. I love knitting projects that I can leave around the house and pick up whenever the mood strikes.

In reading one of the Tasha Tudor books I mentioned in my last blog post, I read that she frequently weaved yarn in the next room as a meal was simmering on the stove. I too have behaved similarly, habitually walking to the next room, sitting down in my blue and white checked chair and knitting a few rows of {this} sweater as I cooked dinner for my family. I love how we are all made from the same mold, habits that extend culturally, maybe even genetically, always wanting to keep our hands busy, making something for our family.

painting in progress

lego building

lego building

I’m finding that our children also enjoy working and creating with their hands. For Lena, she typically has some kind of book she is writing or drawing she is painting.

For Jonmichael, he’s been heavily involved with Legos for over a year now.

baby knitting in progress

But back to this sweater project . . . to show you how small this sweater is . . . it fits inside the dimensions of a sheet of paper . . . it’s so little and I keep ooing and aaahing over it as it has manifested itself on my needles!!!