Monday, April 13, 2009

A baby sweater ~

baby sweater

With each of our 3 children, I found myself sewing frantically in those last few weeks of the pregnancy, making something special for them. For our first I sewed cushions for our wooden rocking chair, using my Grandmother’s Domestic pedal sewing machine. Using no pattern, I simply cut and measured a cushion from cushy foam and cut and sewed material to cover it. With Lena and Elise I sewed drawstring gowns for them to wear after their births using a pattern for the first time. Noticing with each baby, my sewing skills would grow and I began to try making new things. Assuredly, there was always a great need for me to “make” something.

With this baby that I am carrying, I started wanting to make something a little earlier and with having learned newer skills since our last was born I really wanted to knit this new baby a sweater. I had this pattern and yarn picked out months before we found out we were expecting, so that first day – on Christmas Day to be exact, I happily cast on and starting knitting this sweater. I love the softness and the neutral colors {I used a light green even though it is showing up as blue in the picture} in this aran weight yarn. I knitted a size 3-6 months since this baby is due early Sept while it’s still hot, that way it will be waiting to be worn when cooler temperatures hit early Winter.


Mr Lee said...

Hope your all doing well!Nice to meet you.Welcome to our blog

Anonymous said...

Leslie!! Your blog is awesome. I especially loved seeing a picture of you and your "progress". You are looking wonderful. Seeing you makes me realize how much I miss you and the phone is great, but not the same as a face to face visit.
Love, Ellen