Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In the kitchen with the girls ~

preparing a snack

At two different points yesterday morning I worked with the girls {separately} with food preparation. Elise enjoyed cutting up slices of banana for her morning snack.

recipe writing

Recipe writing her way ~
Lena learned a little about Recipe writing {her way}. We made Jello together and then I had her write out the directions so next time she can make it herself {I would help her with the boiling water of course}.

recipe writing

recipe writing

I’ve always been drawn to the way recipes can be written so that children can understand it and make it themselves, kind of like in a chart or picture form. I’m sure there is a name for it, can’t think of it at the moment, so I thought we would start writing out our own early reader child friendly recipes for some foods that are easy to make.

Both girls found lots of satisfaction with their gained independence in the kitchen, with more to come I'm sure!


jean said...

soooo cute......