Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Little distractions ~

Lena's pattern for the sleeping bags

With a day at home yesterday, Lena’s imagination took off around mid-morning and said she spied 12 little mice coming out of the wall. Seeing the need to play along, I decided to give her a small red gift bag to catch the imaginary pink mice in which later led to the question, “mom, can I have some of your material to make sleeping bags for all 12 of them?!” We found some star flannel and I gave her some paper to design or draw out the pattern on. As she kept busy with that I had time to start on some other chores around the house. Repeatedly, she reminded me about the 12 sleeping bags so together we began working on the first little bag for her new friends.

sleeping bag for a mouse

And after the first one was done, she announced, “we have to make 11 more beds!” – sigh. I really enjoyed this time with her, and remembered how much fun I had when my own Grandmother helped me sew and create something I had imagined. I will do my very best to finish all the bags she is requesting in hopes that it will inspire her to continue to use that wonderful imagination of hers and to create with her hands the ideas she sees in her mind.


Deborah said...

You are such nice and loving mother, Leslie!