Saturday, April 25, 2009

a treat {tweet} for my tea ~

a treat {tweet} for my tea

Here's a little birthday present that arrived in the mail, one that I've been waiting for just the right time to get, and something special to drink my *tea in.

My herbal tonic tea has a new tweet (treat!). It’s the funny bird pattern tea cup handmade by Linda at Little Flower Designs. Check out her site, looks like she will be having some one of a kinds coming out in May. I can’t wait! For the tea, it’s the pregnancy herbal tonic tea from Blessed Herbs. My midwife has had me drinking this for years now. The tea doesn’t come with directions, but if interested, boil 2 quarts of water. Add ¾ - 1 cup of the loose tea to the pot, take off the heat, cover and let infuse a minimum of 4 hours. Drain into pitcher and dilute to 1 gallon and refridgerate. It gives your baby and body great nutrition.

Hello little birdie!


Suzanne said...

What a darling teacup!

Deborah said...

Let me guess... you saw this pritty little tea cup alos on Amandas blog, din't you?- I loved it too, right from the start, but living so far away in Switzerland, I wasn't able to buy it... But it's great to see you having one of them, Leslie! It fits you, I think.