Tuesday, April 28, 2009

tonight ~

knitting and dreaming

I found myself in my evening rounds tucking kids into bed, picking up around the house, sitting very minimally, and walking around with this skein of yarn tucked under one arm and hands free ever so often to knit and purl 5 stitches or so and it felt good. It also reminded me of having my hands full once again and still being able to get around and do what needed to be done {confidently!}. I stopped in our room for a moment to look at a picture I have of the oldest two meeting our youngest for the first time, sweet moments, and looking forward to more new family pictures being made, our three getting aquainted with a new sibling, and knitting for someone we don’t quite know yet, but dream about how wonderful life will be when we meet him or her.


tina c. said...

such a beautiful photo of you & the new little one!