Tuesday, October 21, 2008

crafty recycling ~

Upon finding a purple pencil eraser in a parking lot, Lena decided she could use it to make a pencil. Later that evening, with some cardboard and masking tape, she constructed this real to life pencil with the eraser becoming the colored tip much like her ferby pencils she loves to use.

a pencil and paper

a pencil

On finding this boot box, she constructed a suitcase for her most precious valuable {her blanket!}.

a suitcase

A good supply of cardboard kept in a recycling bin and large amounts of tape are the way to go in our family to get the creative juices flowing.

Tape sculture

But beware, you may walk into your dining room {a.k.a - your child's "studio" as mine now calls it} and find something like this on your walls~~~!!


Deborah said...

Cool! I adore the last pic (and the others too of course!)! Your childern are simply pefect!