Friday, October 24, 2008

friendly cookie swap ~

making the dough

This afternoon we've been getting ready for a friendly cookie swap we're going to this evening at a friend's house. At my house, when I use my mixer, the girls complain {a lot!} about the sound hurting their ears. So there were a few complaints as I made the dough. But they quickly stopped once they saw I needed to roll out the dough.

cookie making

Elise communicated very clearly that she could help roll out the dough. Standing up on the kitchen chair, she rolled and rolled. I commented to her, "you're a natural" and she kindly replied, "I know me am."

cookie making

I realized that this was my chance to break out my halloween cookies cutters which marks my annual cookie festivity making with the kids each fall through . . . valentine's or easter. Lots of cookies to be made this year . . .