Tuesday, October 7, 2008

natural art supplies ~

beans, cardboard, & glue
Saturday morning started out with weeding through last year’s school work. A large pile has been building up in the guest room (which means the beginnings of a room purge has now officially started.) {this is one that will take much perseverance to get through} One piece of artwork intrigued Lena so much that she also wanted to give it a try. Out came the glue, cardboard, and beans. This turned out to be a fantastic activity for Lena to help improve her fine motor skills in her hands. She then started asking what kind of beans they were, why were they white . . . sounds like we may do more exploring with bean varieties next time we go shopping. What a great discovery that was right in our pantry, I love natural art supplies . . . don’t you remember what all we used to do as kids with gluing macaroni?? Ohh brings back memories!

a little doodle & her name