Saturday, December 13, 2008

Before it all gets wrapped ~

Nothing like a little handmade goodness for a birthday girl. We have great sunlight in the house today so I thought it might be nice to share what the birthday girl will be getting before I wrap it up and tell you a little about the doll. First of all, I didn’t make her. I spotted her on Etsy at hasenpfeffer's shop earlier this Fall.

ready to be wrapped

I know when I’ve found just the right present for my children when I keep taking it out and looking at it before I finally wrap it up to be opened on their birthday. I have been eyeing this binky buddy for months – it has been in my ‘favorites’ since September waiting hopefully that no one would snatch it up before I could get to it. When it came in the mail and I opened it, my jaw dropped!!! I am so grateful today for the so many lovely handmade items on Etsy. I can't wait for Elise to open this present. My hope is that she comes to appreciate handmade gifts and will soon learn how to make gifts for others.

binky buddy from hasenpfeffer's shop on Etsy

Speaking of handmade gifts ~ the leg warmers are finished and ready to be wrapped as well as the roll brimmed hat I had originally knitted for Lena that was too small. It is the perfect size for Elise.

rolled brim hat and legwarmers

some knitted goods

A little handmade good-ness for a birthday!! She’s one terrific {and lucky} little 3 year old!


linnea said...

What lovely & beautiful gifts! They most certainly will be loved! Have a happy weekend.