Monday, December 29, 2008

a night and a day ~

Last night while watching a movie, I decided to roll up 450 yards of sock yarn so I could get started on knitting a pair of baby booties for a friend that is due this week. I made a gauge before going to bed so I could be sure this yarn would work for my pattern.

winding yarn

winding yarn

Ever since last week when I changed the bed linens, Elise (who is three) has been reminding me that she also wants snowflakes on her bed like Lena’s. I found what I had leftover of the flannel snowflake fabric – it has been 3+ years since I made it, and am doing my best to piece it together with some solid white flannel to make it work . . . still in progess.

Lena's snowflake duvet

for a toddler duvet

for a toddler duvet

sizing the toddler duvet

BTW, I thought I would mention a little something else about the “blue-haired” doll. I decided to make her body using the leftover linen pants fabric found here and had enough and loved the way she came out. I highly recommend experimenting with different fabrics for making doll skins.

All day, I worked whenever I could on the booties. I thought I was so clever to pack them up to take with us to the library tonight. Sadly, when I got there I realized upon unpacking it that I had everything but the working needle . . . rrrrr!

knitting booties

afternoon knitting

Off to find that working needle . . .